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Sue Donnelly worked within the travel and banking industries for many years before turning her attention to image. Despite always getting the best grades and exceeding workplace expectations she always seemed to miss out on promotions, failing to climb the corporate ladder. A session with an image consultant changed all of that. It was the first time Sue had realized the direct correlation between who you are, what you do and how you appear to others. 

In 2004, Sue made the conscious decision to move into the image industry so she could help others gain confidence and self-esteem through their clothing choices. With a desire to be the very best she could be, Sue traveled the globe, learning from every expert she could find. However, it was only when she met Evana Maggiore, founder of Fashion Feng Shui®, that everything she had studied suddenly made sense.

Sue is now an international image professional of repute and the winner of the Association of Image Consultants International’s Jane Segerstrom Award. She is a former president, a life member and an assessor of the Federation of Image Professionals International and a founding member of the Association of Stylists and Image Professionals. She is an AICI certified image professional and the Lead Trainer and the sole Fashion Feng Shui® Master in the UK. She is a licensed practitioner of Clarity4D and an NLP Level I practitioner.

Sue is a certified coach, a facilitator, the author of five books and a regular style expert in magazines and on TV. She has presented sessions on image-related topics all over the world. She believes that being authentically curious and allowing yourself to evolve are the keys to success—and that includes how you choose to adorn yourself and how you live your life, regardless of age, shape, size, background or lifestyle.

Her personal mantra: one size does not fit all!