Fashion Feng Shui for Life

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Stefania Rolandelli, FFSF, WYEF

Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator, Work Your Element™ Facilitator
Bologna, Italy

Wear your emotions: the perfect suit does not fit only your body, but also your soul

+39 347 28 22 565
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Stefania Rolandelli was born in Italy. She studied foreign languages and has traveled around the world for work. She has held many sales positions, learning on the job how to deal with men and women of all ages, nationalities, cultures and personalities.

She is a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator, a Work Your Element™ Facilitator and a coach.

Stefania loves to call herself a “style alchemist” because she does not tell you what you have to wear: her work consists of helping you put into practice a deep transformation that is visible in your appearance. She does not work your change: you do it with her and only after you have understood who you want to be. So when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can honestly declare, “Here I am, that is really me!”

Stefania herself once forgot how to truly look at herself. She understood that she had to allow herself to set out on a journey of rebirth, with the intention of finding real harmony in her core essence, her body and the world all around her. Now that she has succeeded in achieving that alignment, she is aware of it and knows that everybody else can also perceive it. She decided to explore the world of appearance and image because of its expressive strength and strong expressiveness. Her mantra is: “I want to look beyond what I see in order not to judge, but to attach a meaning to it.”

Thanks to Fashion Feng Shui®, Stefania has even transformed her business, re-branding it from Origami to Quintessenze. She respects Fashion Feng Shui® because it embraces both the essence of, and the freedom to play with, colors, fabrics, lines, accessories and outfit combinations. The purpose is always to create a harmony of contrasts that permits thousands of shades of colors and exceptions to patterns—there are as many as there are each of us, for we are each unique and special.

Fashion Feng Shui® helps you define yourself, separate from fashion, trends, uniforms and other conventions. It helps you fulfill both your personal and professional intentions, not a moment too soon.