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Sabine Kaufmann, FFSF, WYEF

Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator, Work Your Element™ Facilitator, Stylist, Coach
Liechtenstein and Austria

+423 794 44 66
+ 43 676 436 64 445
[email protected]

Sabine Kaufmann is now based in Liechtenstein, where she heads an image consulting firm. She was born in Switzerland to parents of Liechtenstein descent. She went to school in Switzerland, got married in Austria and lived there until travels took her to Bali, Bangkok, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Rome, Paris, Toronto and London. For many years, Sabine toured the world and was exposed to constant changes in environments, organizations, people and languages. These amazing experiences led her to the aesthetics of Eastern culture and the “invisible forces” at work within personal spaces.

Sabine Kaufmann has a degree in communications from Zurich University of Applied Sciences. She is a member of the AICI New York chapter and more recently, studied Fashion Feng Shui® with Sue Donnelly in London and Andrea Dupont in Boston.

Combining Fashion Feng Shui® with her experience of working for clients in the financial sector, retail sales and luxury goods and her passion for travel and faraway cultures, Sabine became an expert at dressing the personality—and this is what she does on a daily basis. She counsels both individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior, communication skills, etiquette and international protocols.