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Else Gammelgaard Madsen, FFSM

Fashion Feng Shui® Master Facilitator, Business and Image Management Coach

At the heart of my own values is the importance of people.

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Else Gammelgaard Madsen thrives on getting people to communicate more effectively and to understand themselves and others. She helps them tackle their most pressing challenges in business and life. Her passion lies in Fashion Feng Shui® and coaching and image management, where she is known for a holistic, positive and appreciative approach as well as her ability to inspire, excite and engage people.

Else founded her image management business in 1993. In 1994, she trained as a facilitator for Nyt Image, a Norwegian concept combining color, style, image, makeup, skincare and nail care with positive thinking and diet change. Else became Nyt Image’s country manager and owner in Denmark, where she has trained 25 facilitators and helped thousands of women become more confident, positive, stylish, colorful and fit. 

In 2006, seeking more knowledge in color and style techniques and wanting to bring her business to a new level, Else went to the UK to train with Style Directions. After four years of studies, she successfully completed the ICC International Coaching Certification Training and her education as a stress management consultant, an integration consultant and a licensed consultant for Insights Discovery in Denmark. She also trained as a facilitator in personal accountability with QBQ in the US and was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Development at the University of Portsmouth in 2010. This led her to hold jobs as a facilitator, a coach, a manager, a leadership consultant, a mentor and an appointed external examiner in coaching, conflict management and general management.

During her studies, Else felt that something was missing. She found her shelf full of books about Feng Shui and one day the missing link became clear in a newsletter from Danish Feng Shui guru Ranvita La Cour. The newsletter mentioned Fashion Feng Shui® as something new and innovative. Else was inspired by what she read. By 2008, she was receiving training by Evana Maggiore in Vienna. In 2010, she became certified as Fashion Feng Shui® Master Facilitator for Scandinavia.

Besides Fashion Feng Shui®, Else specializes in professional image management, webinars and e-learning programs in color, style, positive thinking, diet change, solution-focused coaching and emotional intelligence. She holds motivational workshops in personal development, customer service, sales effectiveness, appreciative inquiry and personal accountability.