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Cinzia Fassetta, FFSM

Fashion Feng Shui® Master Facilitator, Heart of Service Expert
Venice, Italy

The Heart of Service

+39 392 2945774
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Cinzia Fassetta was born and raised in Venice, Italy. She spent all her working life on the customer service side of the travel industry, gaining considerable experience in dealing with international clients.

She speaks fluent Italian, English, German and French. Her experience of Italy—its traditions, history, people and lifestyle—were the basis for establishing in 2003 StyleAndShop, her personal shopping and image consulting company, which broke new ground in Italy at the time. The experience of living, studying and working both in Italy and abroad has given Cinzia the chance to get closer to different people, nationalities and cultures.

Trained as a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator by Evana Maggiore in 2010, Cinzia combines her experience, personal skills and passions, while always keeping her clients’ interest always in mind. She offers her services to anyone wanting to upgrade an image or a wardrobe and, in so doing, transform their look and their life.

But because “You can take the girl out of hospitality, but you cannot take hospitality out of the girl,” she has never forgotten where her passion really lies: welcoming people and connecting. Cinzia now applies her people skills and international experience to deliver staff training in hospitality. After authoring her book The 7 Super Powers of the Heart, Cinzia trained professionals in the travel industry on how to connect to guests and clients through the heart of service.