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Cindy Nytko, FFSF, WYEF

Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator, Work Your Element™ Facilitator, Inspired Feng Shui Practitioner, International Feng Shui Guild member, artist, interior decorator, jeweler and cosmetologist.
Chicago, Illinois, United States

+1 847-849-7340
[email protected]

Cindy Nytko was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Both her parents are first-generation U.S. citizens of Polish heritage. Creativity has always been a central theme for Cindy. As a child, she participated in numerous activities including ballet, volleyball, art and music. She sang with the Chicago High School Chorus accompanied by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Visual composition, color and design were what Cindy craved most, no matter what form she found them in. This is why her first choice in life was to become a cosmetologist. After successfully completing that mission, she found another calling. She was awarded a scholarship to study music at Roosevelt University and another to study art at Columbus College of Art & Design. Pursuing art was a pivotal juncture in her life. Exposure to numerous artistic modalities gave her a wider platform, and she presented in exhibitions in Columbus, Chicago and New York, eventually pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at Lake Erie College.

Experience in various positions–including that of activity director, interior and showroom designer and general manager in optics–gave Cindy a wider perspective with which to view the world, in terms of physical surroundings and personal observations. This led her to study Kundalini yoga, astrology, reflexology, Chinese meridians, numerology, intuitive readings and shamanism. 

Her interest in Feng Shui was piqued by a short magazine article about the ancient art. Soon she was hooked. In 2012, her Feng Shui studies began under the tutelage of Karen Rauch Carter, who studied with Nate Batoon; Cindy remains especially grateful to Professor Lin Yun for all his wisdom. One year later, she could proudly call herself an Inspired Feng Shui Practitioner. Two years later, she became a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator and completed the Work your Element™ business seminar as well. This, along with being accepted to the International Feng Shui Guild, has broadened her scope globally.

Cindy has always envisioned helping individuals become all they can be–inside and outside. Just think about her toolbox and what it can do for you!