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Carmen Okabe, FFSM

Fashion Feng Shui® Master Facilitator, “Transformation Wizard”
Lausanne, Switzerland and Beijing, China

Swiss Image Institute

+41 798 39 39 81
[email protected]

Carmen Okabe was born in Romania to parents of Turkish and Hungarian descent. She studied in China and got married in Japan, where she lived before going on to live in France, Turkey, China (again), Belgium and Romania (again). She is now based in Switzerland, where she runs the Swiss Image Institute and the Swiss Institute for Alternative Medicines (ISMED).

Carmen is who she is today thanks to the multitude of cultures she has lived in, along with her passion for studying human nature and finding ways to improve its outer and inner beauty. Her quest to offer full-package solutions for individuals seeking positive transformation is motivated by Carmen’s own personal tao, in search of balance. She has been transformed by various encounters with great therapists, opportunities to follow Feng Shui masters, as well as countless business experiences.

Holding a BA in Oriental languages and a Master’s degree in Japanese Management, Carmen is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International and former vice president of education of the AICI France chapter. Carmen studied face reading in Japan, traditional Feng Shui in China, Fashion Feng Shui® with Evana Maggiore in the U.S., Aesthetic Fengshui in France, international etiquette and protocol in Belgium and hypnosis and NLP in Switzerland. She is passionate about human design and has developed her own coaching method uniting all of these interests. 

For nine years, Carmen has served as publisher of the professional beauty magazine Les Nouvelles Esthétiques. She also created Estetik TV, a channel dedicated to the world of image. She has over 25 years of experience in management, marketing and media, personal branding and marketing with heart. She is a certified executive coach, a Transformation Game facilitator, a Mind Mapping licensed instructor, and an international speaker and author. For over 15 years, Carmen has appeared as a beauty and image industry expert in dozens of programs for various TV channels, and she has written several books and manuals.

She believes that always being curious and reinventing yourself—thus evolving and filling in the missing parts—is the key to happiness and success. Her own power of transformation and the impact she has on her clients has earned her the nickname “Transformation Wizard.”

Speaking fluently Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian, Carmen gives conferences and classes on image transformation, international etiquette and personal grooming, personal branding, marketing, Fashion Feng Shui®, Mind Mapping and home management. She acts as a business consultant all over the world.

In 2012 and 2014, the Chinese government conferred on her the title of Ambassador of Feng Shui Culture to the World, recognizing her contribution to helping spread appreciation for the art of placement outside Asia.

Carmen feels best when creating and taking charge, so she regularly organizes international symposiums on Feng Shui, astrology, beauty, health and image. 

She is the initiator and editor of this book.