Fashion Feng Shui for Life

Real-World Solutions for Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity

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The next chapter in the most innovative image and personal enrichment system around, Fashion Feng Shui for Life takes five-element style principles and applies them to tangible, real-life situations. Learn more about what makes you who you are at your core, gain insight into your interactions with others, and make choices in and out of your closet that ensure you are living your very best life.

“There’s so much brilliance in this book! Each chapter is packed with great stories and practical information on how to confidently choose a wardrobe that’s fully aligned with your true self. Fashion Feng Shui for Life shows you how to Feng Shui your most intimate environment—your body—and when you do, you can transform your life!”

~ Terah Kathryn Collins
Best-selling author and founder of the Western School of Feng Shui®

“Through thought-provoking questions and powerful individual insights, Fashion Feng Shui For Life challenges the self-image paradigms and becomes a road map that leads you on an inimitable journey of self-discovery, giving you the tools and permission to discover the unique you through the application of Feng Shui principles.”

~ Jane Seaman, AICI CIP
Image professional and AICI International President 2014-2017

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